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I'm pleased to take part in QUILTBAG Pride week here on Poetree. We're celebrating the anniversary of the Stonewall riots and people's right to love whom they love, as they love, free of persecution. There are lots of different stripes in the queer rainbow, so I'm trying to gather examples from as many as possible.

Why does this matter? First, it's good for people to see reflections of themselves in literature; that's validating of their identity, and something that mainstream folks may take for granted. Second, It records and shares the experience of different groups so that their discoveries may be known. These two factors may entice people to read poetry even if they didn't care much about it before, because it can do something for them. Third, those impressions let people of other groups widen their awareness beyond their own personal experiences, which aids tolerance.

Voices of under-represented groups are especially valuable because they share insights that are not widely known or told. It's like the difference between opening a window in a room where there are already 20 windows open, vs. a room where there is only 1 window open. You've just doubled the light in that second room, while the first room might not even show a visible difference.

Below are some resources about QUILTBAG poetry that you might enjoy exploring ...

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Date: 2012-06-27 11:33 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] raze
Oh my goodness, I loved the erotic asexual poem!


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