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Community description:A community for poetry discussion and sharing poems
POETREE is a Dreamwidth-based community for discussing and sharing poetry. Each week the admins select a host whose job it is to share at three or four poems and an optional meta post or question for the audience. While hosts are often poets sharing their own work, poems in the free domain or those posted with permission of the author are also welcome, and people who have never written poetry themselves have hosted wonderful themed weeks in the past.

If you are interested in Hosting a week, feel free to leave a comment indicating your interest at the current signup post. You do not have to be a Dreamwidth member in order to Host a week, and non-Dreamwidth members can participate in discussion through OpenID or anonymous comments.

Roughly every third week one of the admins organizes a community themed week delving into a particular aspect of poetry or poetry culture. For more information about these and other themed weeks, please see the themed weeks master post.

For those interested in a high-volume community for published poetry, please see our sister comm [community profile] poetry.

Mysterious paper sculptures

Other Affiliates:
- Plunge Magazine: "Women. Queer. Genre." (January 2014 issue to be released soon.)
- [community profile] pod_together challenge - Pod Together 2015 signups are open until 6/15/15.
- [community profile] pt_lightning challenge - round 4 is complete! Check the wrap up post for details.
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