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Your mods are experiencing some overload at the moment, and so the community will be taking a short hiatus. We will be on hiatus until November 18th.

The week of November 18th through the 24th will be a community themed week, and the theme will be one of remembrance and memorial. The sign-up for the week will go up later this week.

In the mean-time, please feel free to stop by the Sunday Picnic and say "hi." The Sunday Picnic post is a place for community members to interact, share, and discuss both poetry and non-poetry related things.
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Apologies all for the unplanned hiatus these last two weeks. Given that we've got some open slots coming up on the community calendar, the comm anniversary challenge weeks will be rescheduled rather than canceled entirely; we'll return to our usual schedule again starting with this upcoming weekend's Sunday Picnic.
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A few important announcements:

  • [community profile] poetree will continue on semi-hiatus until Sunday, May 19th: comm admins [personal profile] alee_grrl and [personal profile] jjhunter will continue to post the weekly Sunday Picnics and any requested advertisements for member events, but scheduled weekly content will be suspended until late May.

  • Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to sign up to Host in advance of May 19th: please see the current signup post for more details.

  • Congratulations again to [personal profile] raze for winning challenge #31: you can read the winning poem, 'Family Man' at hir journal.

  • Questions, comments, observations, or lamentations? Please don't hesitate to let us know in the comments to this post.
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    Starting next Monday, [community profile] poetree will return to its regular schedule, albeit with a few administrative changes to make it more sustainable for the comm admins ([personal profile] jjhunter and [personal profile] alee_grrl) to run:

    • The exhaustive weekly roundup posts will be replaced by two regular threads at the weekly Sunday Picnic, one for comm members to signal-boost posts relevant to the comm that they've made that week at their own journal/website, and one for general, i.e. non-personal, poetry news.

    • Starting next week [community profile] poetree will run on a calendar so that guest Hosts and multi-Hosted themed weeks can be scheduled further in advance. Each month will generally have one multi-Hosted themed week, one week reserved for a guest Host invited by the admins, and two 'open slot' weeks. Those who sign up to Host on the current signup post [signup post #3 will go up some point this week] will be assigned open slot weeks on a first-come, first-served basis.

    • You may have noticed that the Sunday Picnic yesterday was not posted by the personal user account of [personal profile] jjhunter or [personal profile] alee_grrl. [personal profile] poetree_admin is a new shared user account for [community profile] poetree admins. It will be used on the comm to post '!admin'-tagged entries. You can find the personal username of the admin who posted a particular post or last edited it using [personal profile] poetree_admin at either the top or bottom of all such posts.

      N.B. This week, [personal profile] alee_grrl and [personal profile] jjhunter will be posting/reposting several frequently edited '!admin-tagged' posts (the new calendar, signup post #3, the landing sticky post, the poetry host index, etc.) to the comm using [personal profile] poetree_admin in preparation for the start of [community profile] poetree 2.0 next week. This will enable the admins to edit such posts interchangeably and make it much easier to keep them up to date in the future.

    Questions, comments, observations or lamentations? Feel free to voice them in the comments to this post or send a PM to this account.
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    I am starting my summer classes, both of which are intensive seminars. My first one, Negotiation, started today and runs tomorrow and Thursday, Friday of next week. We're covering 30 hour of work in four days. It is interesting and engaging, and the prof is funny. But the bottom line is that I am very low on spoons by the end of the day. Keeping up with the course work and starting prep for Mediation (which will be three very long days) will keep me pretty busy the next few weeks.

    I've got at least one outstanding poem prize (for [personal profile] ashestosnow), and the winner of the QUILTBAG poetry challenge needs to be announced. If there is any other business that needs to be taken care of, please let me know.

    We are always looking for hosts. Please feel free to invite poet friends who are not on dreamwidth, we can easily make arrangements to post their week's posts for them. If you aren't sure about posting and are a little nervous about the format, there's this helpful guide to posting format. There are also myself, [personal profile] alee_grrl and [personal profile] jjhunter the co-administrators of the community and we are happy to answer questions and help wherever we can.
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    I apologize, but this week will be a hiatus week. I have not had time to work on recruiting more hosts for the community.

    With that said we are looking for more hosts. Hosts may post on any topic that they wish so long as it has something to do with poetry. We ask for three posts in a week, though more are very welcome (and less are understandable--we are very aware the real life gets in the way of things sometimes).

    If you follow the community but are not a dreamwidth member (or you know a non-dreamwidth person who might be interested in hosting), I am more than willing to post on your behalf. I am also very happy to help with any questions or concerns for those who have never hosted before but think they would like to try it. If there is anything I can do to make hosting easier, please let me know.

    The current sign up post for hosting is here. If you have any interest in hosting please leave a comment on that post. I will then contact you about possible hosting dates.

    Thanks so much everyone for your contributions to the community via hosted posts and comments, and thank you all for your continued support and friendship. It means a lot to both [personal profile] jjhunter and myself.
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    We'll be going on a temporary hiatus this week and start again with the new year. If you celebrate them, have a very happy set of holidays!


    Nov. 13th, 2011 09:21 am
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    We're currently without a prospective host for this upcoming week. If you know someone who might be interested, or if you yourself would like to host (repeat hosting is fine), please leave a comment here or PM me/email me by the end of today. Otherwise we'll go on hiatus for a week re: poetry host posting while I put some more time into recruiting.

    Also, if you have the spoons, please do leave feedback on the poems by this week's Poetry Host ([livejournal.com profile] stryck, aka Anna Waite). Even just a line or quick observation is generally enough to start a conversation, and having in depth conversations about poetry is part of what makes this comm special. My apologies for not being quite as active myself: I have some stuff going on offline right now that's eating up the majority of my time.

    Hope all's well with you all, and I look forward to catching up.

    ETA: Thank you to [personal profile] aldersprig for stepping up to the plate! Ze will be the Poetry Host for this upcoming week.


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