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Descriptive titles are preferred. For example: "Poem: 'XXXX'" "Meta: XXXXX" "Poetry Complement: XXXXX" etc. Posts that focus on a particular theme or contain multiple types of content should be labeled in some way that summarizes the overarching focus of the post. Good examples include "Bite sized poetry" "Recording poetry: why does it appeal to me?" and so on.


As a rule of thumb, if a poem is over thirty lines please place the remainder under an HTML <cut> tag. In regards to meta posts, anything longer than three fair-sized paragraphs should have at least a portion of the text under a <cut> tag as well. Large images should always go under a <cut> tag.

It is recommended, though not required, to include some commentary whenever posting a poem post. To encourage audience participation, please consider closing with some starting questions for discussion. You can also cut and paste the following code at the bottom of your post to make it easy for readers to leave 'kudos' on the post if they are particularly impressed with its content.


If you are posting a poem written by another that is not in the public domain, you need to have permission from the author if permission has not already been explicitly granted through a license such as a Creative Commons license. It is good practice to link back to where you found the poem and/or the poet's blog/website somewhere in your post. Please see this post at [community profile] poetry for a good example of attributing appropriate credit.


Any community member can add tags to their posts and create new ones as suggestions; the admins will then edit and supplement them as necessary to standardize with our community tagging system. N.B. Please do include an "author: [post writer]" tag for any content you post so that others may search back entries for your posts via your author tag.

If the post includes potentially triggering or 'Not Safe For Work' content (e.g. strong language, graphic violence, etc.) it will need a 'warning' tag of some kind, and the potentially triggering content should go under at <cut> tag.

Date: 2012-01-07 07:21 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alee_grrl
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work that you do in regards to this community. I thought that you should know that it is appreciated. :)


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