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This week comm admins [personal profile] alee_grrl and [personal profile] jjhunter have been sharing some of our favorite aspects of [community profile] poetree from its first year. From the underlying art and metaphor of POETREE to the evolution of the Sunday Picnic and Climbing the Poet's Tree Comm Challenges, we've come a long way from the community's origins.

Now it's your turn: what's been memorable for you about [community profile] poetree's first year? How did you first discover the comm, and why did you stay? Do you have any particular favorite posts or weeks that you'd like to share? Let's celebrate [community profile] poetree and the people who make it a community in the comments.
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Back in March when [personal profile] jjhunter and I ([personal profile] alee_grrl) were looking at creating new features to encourage community participation we came up with two ideas. The first was the Sunday Picnic. The second was to do a weekly challenge post. In discussing the format and framing of the challenges we quickly realized we needed to have two different types of challenges as we wanted to encourage broader participation in the community and not everyone who is part of our community writes poetry. We wanted to be sure that we had some way of including the poetry enthusiasts in the fun.

Both of us really enjoy playing with words and building on existing metaphors. As [personal profile] jjhunter explained in her earlier post about the interplay of art and the [community profile] poetree community, our community name was inspired by a sculpture of a tree made from a book of poetry. The title of the work is "poetree", which is both a play on the word 'poetry' and an elision of the words "poet's tree." The poet's tree is a wonderful image that has formed the roots of many of our community's features. When we were discussing creation of a weekly challenge we exchanged a lot of playful title ideas, but the one that we both really loved was "Climbing the Poet's Tree."
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[community profile] poetree sprouted from a visual seed, itself a snapshot of a pun made art.

Paper sculpture of a 'poetree' left as an anonymous gift at the Scottish Poetry Library
Mysterious paper 'poetree' sculpture - photo by chrisdonia

What is a 'poetree'? It sounds like poetry, and looks like an elision of poet's tree. And in the case of the image above, it is a small, extraordinarily detailed paper sculpture of a tree lovingly crafted from strips of printed paper and mounted on a book. The anonymous artist who left it as a surprise gift at the Scottish Poetry Library a year and a half ago also left this message referencing the library's Twitter handle:
It started with your name @ByLeavesWeLive and became a tree… We know that a library is so much more than a building full of books… a book is so much more than pages full of words… This is for you in support of libraries, books, words, ideas…
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jjhunter will have the art post up tonight.

As the [community profile] poetree community has grown and evolved from a place to share poetry to a full blown community of poetry enthusiasts [personal profile] jjhunter and I ([personal profile] alee_grrl) have looked for ways to encourage and develop participation and discussion. One of the issues that came up in our brainstorming sessions was the need for an informal day where community members could talk about poetry without needed to host a week or wait for one of the multi-hosted weeks to come around. We also realized it would be nice to have a place for community members to discuss *any* topic, including non-poetry related topics, as a way for us to get to know each other and foster the growing sense of community. One of the suggestions was to set aside a day for a routine post that encouraged discussion and sharing. Sundays seemed to be an ideal day. The title "Sunday Picnic" was a fun riff off of the [community profile] poetree name.

The Sunday Picnic premiered on March 18, 2012 and has become a weekly tradition.

Recently we decided to roll some of the weekly round-up features, namely the associated member posts and general poetry news, into the Sunday Picnic post. The weekly round-up were time consuming and not sustainable. Rolling those features into the Sunday Picnic threads makes them more sustainable and far less time consuming.

Join us every Sunday under the branches of the Poet's Tree for a lovely picnic where a smorgasbord of delights and friendly conversation are available.


Oct. 9th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Just as Dreamwidth itself is a code fork of Livejournal, [community profile] poetree is an explicit code fork of its sister comm [community profile] poetry. It borrowed [community profile] poetry's basic format of a weekly Poetry Host and, at least initially, duplicated the other's explanation of what Hosting entailed. Given that [community profile] poetry was and continues to be an superlative Dreamwidth community for poetry sharing, I knew from the start that [community profile] poetree needed a clear answer to 'So why do we need another poetry comm?' Initially, the answer was very specific:
There's one type of poetry (besides song lyrics) [community profile] poetry explicitly doesn't take, and that's the poetry written by the poster. Less explicitly, there is a bias toward poetry that has been published on paper as opposed to posted online or shared through other more unorthodox channels.
In other words, [community profile] poetree was originally conceived as a version of [community profile] poetry where poets could share their own poetry. The poetry discussion element that has become so central to [community profile] poetree's identity today was literally an afterthought on the original signup post.

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Further Reading
* [community profile] poetree's first Guest Host was David Kopaska-Merkel. You can browse David's posts via his comm author tag.
* [community profile] poetree's first multi-Hosted themed week centered on Poetry Complements. Click the link to read its introduction post and find links to individual posts from that week, including On illustrating poetry by guest artist [personal profile] meeks.
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Today is the one year anniversary of [community profile] poetree's founding manifesto; October 10th, which falls on Wednesday, is the community's official birthday. A great deal can happen in the span of one year: 320 posts, 1,885 comments, and a steadily increasing community (currently at 66 official members, with 89+ subscribing). We have had Hosts and Guest Hosts the likes of poets Luisa A. Igloria, Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, and David Kopaska-Merkel, among others both amateur and professional, as well as audio performers, artists, translators, and poetry enthusiasts with a diverse range of tastes and backgrounds.

[community profile] poetree is a lively, ever-evolving community that pushes the boundaries of what poetry and poetry discussion can be. This week, the community admins, [personal profile] alee_grrl and myself ([personal profile] jjhunter), will reflect about how [community profile] poetree came be the way it is today, and share some favorite posts and conversations from the past year.

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